Website Design

At Green Triangle UK we won’t just design you an amazing looking website but we will write your content for you. This way, we can provide you with a quality website in a matter of weeks leaving you concentrate on your business.

How it works

Every business has different requirements but here at Green Triangle UK, we are happy to rewrite your existing content and create a modern design and have lots of site examples to help you to visual the type of design that you would like.

Equally, if you don’t have much or any content, we won’t drag our feet and will get straight on with content writing. Too many web design companies dawdle with the site and blame the client for not providing the content with some clients even asked to pay monthly.

At Green Triangle UK, our web design team understand that our clients are busy people and don’t always have the time and maybe not the confidence to create their own content, but that doesn’t stop us from getting the site done. We provide a fixed priced at the start of the project and allow you as much or as little input as you would like. If you want to stick to what you do best and run your business without disruption then we’ll see you in a few weeks with the first draft of your entire website.

Many of our clients have worked with other web development companies for months and in some case years to get a website developed and then come to us when nothing was delivered. A few weeks later when we deliver their entire website, they often can’t believe how straightforward our process is.

Take the site we developed for Valley Carpets ( With such a busy and successful startup, the guys at Valley Carpets didn’t have the time to write pages and pages of content or the time for lots of tedious content meetings. We had one meeting with the client to kick things off and one more meeting to talk about specific brands. That was enough for us to write all of the content and deliver their entire website.

Case Studies

Case Study I

Medium to Large Size Site (14 Pages)

Our client had been working with other website design companies since opening their first retail outlet for 5 months and had still not managed to get a website live with much more content that a basic home page.

When we first met with their directors, it was very clear that the new business was thriving and whilst desperate for a fully featured website, it was obvious that the client would have very little time to spend assisting with content, design choices or even regular meetings to discuss progress.

Realising this, our team got researching and it wasn’t long before we had gained enough flooring knowledge to write most of the website content without requiring a single call or meeting with our busy clients.

We had one follow up meeting to discuss specific product brands exclusive to our client in the local area and we went away a 2nd time to add product and brand specific content using the manufacturers websites for images and research.

The website has 14 pages containing sales information, educational content to help customers select the correct flooring type for their application and brand / product specific information for all types of flooring. There is also a huge gallery of images supplied by the client from some of their many installations and a contacts form.

That’s 14 pages packed with content, a great design matching the client’s branding colours with only a couple of hours of their own time required.

Most importantly, the stakeholders all loved it and can’t wait to add more pages when they open their 2nd store soon.

Case Study II

Medium Size Site (9 Pages)

Our client for this website was a UPVC installation company specialising in a range of products including windows, doors, conservatories and much more.

Despite going from strength to strength expanding their team and opening an amazing high-street showroom, two years since starting their business and after an already considerable outlay, the business had been left with a single page website containing nothing more than a logo and some text, not even displaying the business’s contact phone numbers.

The client was able to supply a good amount of information regarding content and again we got to work researching in order for us to reword and add to the content supplied. We also received many images from the client that our designers were able to use throughout the site applying various filters and effects to enhance the design.

Unfortunately, the client had already registered a domain name but no longer had access to the recovery mobile phone or email address used to register it. Whilst it wasn’t in our initial remit, we were desperate for our client to keep their original domain name, which appeared on their vehicles and marketing literature so we took responsibility for overcoming the problems also managing to implement a solution that preserved all of their original emails.

Case Study III

Small to Medium Size (6 Pages)

Working with a local plumber, having started to employ a team, he was keen to abandon his existing image as a one-man business and better reflect his growing company.

Whilst he already had a basic website designed by a very large online business directory, the site was basic, not well written, used a generic logo that you could find reused on other plumber websites designed by the same company, it also had an absurdly long domain name that incorporated his full name and his business description. His package with the business directory also came with a massive monthly fee and he was keen to end this subscription but knew this would also mean losing his website.

Not only at Green Triangle did we design a brand new website, writing all content but after hours passing on our ideas for a new domain name, we finally stumbled across the perfect URL. Unfortunately, this domain name already belonged to an ex-plumber who had replaced his old website with a holding page with no contact details included. A bit of detective work later and we tracked down the domain owner and was able to assist him in moving his emails in order to kindly transfer his domain name to us.

We were so glad that we located and approached such a generous ex-plumber, happy to pass the baton to a young hungry plumber growing his business. At Green Triangle UK, we were elated that we were able to organise this transfer and give our client the domain name he wanted to accompany his great new website.

Smaller Sites

Single Page to Small (1-5 Pages)

And since half of all web traffic worldwide is via mobile phones, we will ensure that your website is responsive and looks great on devices other than a laptop.


We also provide you with a username and password to access your web pages with a contents management system (CMS) so you are always in control and can make regular or smaller content changes without contacting us. Regular changes to your content is great for search optimization too (SEO), so little regular tweaks basically means that Google will like you and your website can rise above those whose content remains static.

Why have a Website?

24/7 Availability

Websites never sleep! Having a website allows potential customers to access information from the comfort of their home at any time night or day. This can also provide you with an advantage over your competitors without a website who are unavailable when working or don’t answer outside of business hours.

Convenience and Communication

Your website is a great place to communicate with your clients. Showing regularly searched information such as opening times is convenient for both you and your clients and minimises the need for phone calls.


Your website can also showcase your business and include promotional information such as previous work, case studies, customer reviews and much more using pictures and videos to keep your potential customers engaged.



Websites are no longer the preserve of large companies and in today’s connected world, there is an expectation that any reputable business will have a website. Facebook business pages are a great marketing tool but they can be created in minutes whilst a website projects a more permanent image of your business. Also, having a good website is a great way to let your customers know what a positive experience they can expect when working with you and your business.

Expand Beyond Your Location

For local businesses, advertising in a local newspaper, posting flyers and having your phone number on your vehicles is great, but with a website you can take your marketing outside of your local area. Anyone in the UK is now a potential customer and depending on your business, the whole world is now your oyster.