Gathering Requirements
The most important factor to kicking off a successful project is defining the requirements and allowing us to share your vision. If you have an idea that you need help to define, we can take your idea, evolve and build on it to create a prioritized shortlist of features.

Identifying Problems
Alternatively, you may have a business problem like the accountants we helped who were spending 25 hours a month manually creating client reports preventing them from scaling. We developed a customer portal with API integration into their accounting software to fully automate the reporting.

Review & Audit
Or perhaps you already have a mobile app or system that you wish to improve. We can review and audit your app or system offering our opinion on ideas to enhance it or perhaps you already have ideas for new features and an upgrade.

User Experience Design (UX)

For many clients, the user experience design phase of the project is one of the most exciting where ideas come to life. However, there is far more to great UX design than just how your app looks.
Our designers consider the personas of each user type, the user journey and how the user will interact with the system.
Consider the example of a consultant for a B2B app we developed completing safety surveys for supermarkets on a daily basis. Productivity and minimal frustration is paramount for these users which formed the core consideration when designing the app.

Connecting Systems & API Integrations
Application Programmable Interfaces are used for connecting multiple systems together. If your own app or system needs to connect to other systems or to control electronics, our team has many years of API integration experience. We have integrated many different types of API, most recently Zoopla, Amazon MWS, Access Control systems such as Brivo. Our team has also integrated with every major bank in the UK (approx 25).
Full Project Development & Mobile Apps

Mobile apps and cloud-based systems require a full team with expertise across multiple technologies for success. A typical project will be touched by at least one business analyst, DB architect, backend / API developer, UI developer, UX designer, mobile developer, a project manager and the QA team.
Everything is coordinated internally whilst our clients enjoy full visibility with progress updates and showcases based on our adherence to agile development principles.


Our software consultants have industry experience across many sectors and many years of experience working with companies from startups, within SME development teams to blue chip companies and banks.
Whether you are a business looking to develop software for the first time, a company hoping to supplement / complement your existing internal development team or looking to employ agile principles to improve speed and software quality, our services can be tailored to support your goals and growth.

Be Your Team

For clients who want all of the benefits of having your own internal development team but without the cost, we provide a ‘pay as you go’ style development service as and when required or can build a dedicated team just for your work. You will be assigned a project manager who can attend face-to-face meetings, gather requirements with planned development sprints with regular delivery of fully tested software at a fraction of the cost of employing your own team and without the internal overhead of planning, managing and testing.

Let’s Speak

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