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Green Triangle UK supports businesses of all sizes from small local businesses wanting basic I.T and support services to those businesses requiring larger bespoke software solutions.

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Bespoke Software Development

A passion for problem solving. From innovative software development to business efficiency, saving time and cost

Bespoke Software Development

Mobile Apps / Online Portals

Business Automation

About us

Green Triangle UK

At Green Triangle, our aim is to simplify software development and to take the pain out of your project.

Collaboration and communication is at the heart of everything that we do so if you want to get technical, that’s great, but if not, we will keep the tech jargon to a minimum and with our agile internal processes, we will regularly showcase our progress for complete transparency and feedback.

All work is continuously tested and with our Quality Assurance high standards, we ensure that every delivery will receive the thoroughness of testing and attention to detail required for a smooth transition to production release.

Whether you are ready to develop a complex mobile / web application processing millions of data points, need API integration between systems, require an app so your team can capture data on the go or some automation to save time and money, our team can deliver the perfect solution.

Products and Services

Mobile Apps and Online Portals

At Green Triangle UK, we can handle design of mobile apps and cloud based systems from start to finish. We offer the complete design package which includes Business Analysis, UX/UI design, app development, API / Backend development, UI development and Quality Assurance & Testing with Project Management and Technical Consultancy all with complete transparency and regular communication with our clients, throughout the project.

Website Design

At Green Triangle UK we won’t just design you an amazing looking website but we will write your content for you. This way, we can provide you with a quality website in a matter of weeks leaving you concentrate on your business.

Custom CRM

Our own CRM can form the basis for many bespoke software projects and already includes many key features from different systems within a single simple user interface

Website Widgets & Calculators

We have developed a number of website calculators and other widgets for our clients including our own sales lead generation tool that plugs seamlessly into your website or social media.

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At GTUK, we love being contacted whatever the reason so please get in touch and we will always reply as soon as possible.

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