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Green Triangle UK supports businesses of all sizes. We specialise in website design, bespoke software solutions and are currently developing our own suite of tools to help manage your business.

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Green Triangle UK

At Green Triangle UK, we develop websites including content writing, bespoke software solutions, undertake complete product design whilst also developing our own suite of applications to help run your business.

We support businesses of all sizes from local businesses wanting basic support services to those businesses requiring larger bespoke software solutions.

Our Website design service is concentrated on making the process as smooth as possible and we will take care of content writing so you don’t have to. This gives you the flexibility to have as much or as little input to the process as you desire because we know that in many cases, our clients are just too busy running their businesses to have endless meetings or be expected to write website content themselves. Let us take that pain away and get your website live whilst you concentrate on what you are good at.

We work closely with our small business clients to maximise the use of computers, recommending existing software systems to help manage their business more effectively and assist with their online presence.

We also aim to bring automation of tedious, time consuming tasks, off-the-shelf systems and affordable bespoke solutions to smaller businesses allowing our partners to enjoy the benefits of systems that are normally reserved for large companies.

Green Triangle UK also designs high quality reliable software (including cloud based systems), embedded firmware for many industries and applications with specific expertise in Motor Finance, Access Control, CCTV, Parking and Counting.

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Website Design

At Green Triangle UK we won’t just design you an amazing looking website but we will write your content for you. This way, we can provide you with a quality website in a matter of weeks leaving you concentrate on your business.

Business Makeover

We have many clients who until getting a Business Makeover with Green Triangle UK were not making proper use of their computers or using systems and automation to help run their businesses. Let us audit your I.T and help you to get your computers and the cloud working for you.

Bespoke Design

From cloud-based solutions, API integrations (including Amazon AWS and MWS) to firmware projects, at Green Triangle UK we can handle your entire project from start to finish, from requirements gathering to full testing. We have specific expertise in Motor Finance, Access Control, Amazon Web Services, Car Park and Counting systems but will almost certainly be able to undertake your project regardless of your industry.

Business Suite

Our own cloud-based system is designed to help small to medium sized businesses by offering the most common key features from many different types of system within a single simple user interface, all running from our contacts system at the core. From contacts, job / appointment booking, digital signing, basic accounts, invoices, expense tracking, electronic employee time tracking and much more, choose only the modules that you require, paying a small fee per month with no up front costs.
Our mission

Green Triangle UK Mission

Our mission is to simplify software development taking the pain out of your projects by handling the entire project from start to finish.

For websites, we won’t pester you for content and blame you for delays. We are happy to research and write content for you allowing you the luxury to spend as much or as little time as you like assisting us. With us not hanging around waiting for content, most websites are developed within a month.

We also aim to bring quality website design and in particular bespoke software development to businesses who may never have thought their budget could afford such services, often the preserve of much larger companies.

Our team of technical gurus can develop almost anything and we will be sure to expertly gather your requirements with Business Analyst skills on-hand and plan your entire project from start to finish. We take the fear out of bespoke software for non-technical clients even creating videos and animations to help explain proposed solutions instead of specification documents if preferred.

If you have existing processes, we can adapt to seamlessly to fit with your systems but internally all software projects are developed following an Agile process. We will regularly showcase our progress and ensure complete transparency so there are no surprises at the end of the project. All work is continuously tested and with our Quality Assurance high standards, we ensure that every delivery will receive the thoroughness of testing and attention to detail required for a smooth transition to production release.

Finally, our own cloud based Business Suite is aimed at small to medium sized businesses not making proper use of I.T and systems to run their business. Our mission is to develop a platform that incorporates the most common features of many different systems all within one simple UI for intended for but not exclusively for non-technical users.


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